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Jul 12


Grants Application Guidance


I have been a peer reviewer for Division of Nursing, Bureau of HealthProfessions, HRSA grants since 1998, including the Advanced Nurse Education and Nurse Anesthetist, the Basic Nurse Education and Practice, and the Nursing Workforce Development Programs. I was in the first cohort of civilian peer review panel chairpersons and was chaired the first review of the Faculty Development: Integrated Technology into Nursing Education and Practice Initiative Grant Program.


I led faculty planning for and was the principal author and project director of a Nursing Workforce Development Grant that benefited over 1000 middle school, high school and college students who were either interested in health professional careers or enrolled for baccalaureate nursing degrees. I have provided formal or informal advice and review for nursing educational grants at four universities and continue to provide grant related consultation to the Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton University. I successfully applied for three grants from a local foundation in Chicago that supported the services of nurse practitioner faculty in a two homeless infirmaries.




I have been a peer reviewer of various categories of grant applications for the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Nursing, including, Advanced Nurse Education Grants, Nursing Workforce Development Program Grants, and Public Health Nursing Field Experiences in State and Local Programs for Baccalaureate Nursing Students Grant Program.   I have also reviewed applications for the Helene Fuld Health Trust Fellowship Program.  As associate dean for academic affairs and department chair in nursing programs, I have assisted faculty individually and in groups to develop grant proposals.


I was principal investigator for the Church-Based Diabetes Education Project in Huntsville, Alabama, in conjunction with Tennessee State University Department of Nursing, Nashville, TN, and the Bradford-Cleveland Institute for Continuing Education in Ministry, Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama, that was funded by the National Institutes of Health, through the Faculty Research Enhancement Support Program at Oakwood College.  I served as director of the Huntsville, Alabama Division of the Black Seventh-day Adventist Stroke Study for the Director, Huntsville, Alabama Division, Black Seventh-day Adventist Stroke Study, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Stroke Research Center.  I developed the successful grant application and was project director for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation community-based prevention project that integrated spirituality and health promotion in communities affected by health disparities.   I worked with a faculty colleague to develop a grant application to HRSA that funded the equipment for a high fidelity simulation laboratory at Oakwood University Department of Nursing.



Home Services Grants Application Guidance