Jul 12


Administration/Management Support


I was selected by the California State University system for a year-long fellowship in academic administration, which I fulfilled with the President of California State University, Fullerton.  During the fellowship, I worked not only with the president, but with all the vice presidents of the university and with several deans.


I have held positions in nursing and higher education management and administration since 1974.  I have coordinated graduate and undergraduate options, served as department chair, administered professional development and continuing education programs as an assistant dean, served as associate dean for academic affairs for a school of nursing and as vice president for academic affairs of a liberal arts college where I also held the position of acting president.  During these appointments, I was responsible for all areas of programmatic and financial administration, planning and evaluation.


I have held leadership positions in professional organizations, including chairing the Executive Board of the American Public Health Association and serving as the president of this organization.





I have had over 25 years of administrative experience, over 18 of which were at

the decanal level. During that time I have led strategic planning, faculty recruitment, development, supervision, and evaluation; program planning, initiation, and implementation; budget development, justification, and oversight of amounts up to $24,000,000; and resolution of and faculty support during disputes and appeals.


In my years at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and Rush University College of Nursing, I was responsible for both nursing education and service units. I have held major leadership positions in professional organizations including President of the Michigan Association of Colleges of Nursing, President of the Chicago Nurses Association, District One, and President of the American Public Health Association.