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Jul 12


Spirituality and Health Integration


I have taught and spoken on health and religion/spirituality for collegiate courses, local congregations and for an national meeting of Community Services workers of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. I was participant and consultant to a grant proposal that sought to investigate the intersection of religiously motivated healthy lifestyle and primary prevention of strokes in a population of older Seventh-day Adventists.





I have taught, presented, and published on the integration of spirituality and health for professional meetings, church-based conferences and congregations, and nursing students. My husband and I developed a church-based community needs assessment model that has been implemented by several local church congregations.  Certified as an educator and as an educational trainer by the American Red Cross, I have developed and presented HIV/AIDS prevention and education programs in Malawi and Kenya relating the spiritual aspects to this topic for churches. I am certified as a parish (faith Community) nurse and as a parish nurse educator by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. 

Home Services Spirituality and Health Integration