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Jul 12


Workshops and Seminars

Twin Solutions LLC offers a variety of workshops and seminars that can be customized in range and scope to meet your program needs.



Program and Curriculum Development

The development of new or revised program offerings or curricula from visioning through implementation to evaluation and ongoing enhancement.


Faculty Development and Evaluation

The process of faculty development from recruitment to meet specific program needs to ongoing development and evaluation, including issues such as support for promotion and tenure and disciplinary action.


Preventing and Resolving Disputes and Appeals

Optimal management of disputes and appeals beginning with prevention and covering such topics as fair and equitable treatment of faculty, staff, and students, management of internal and external information, and appointment of appeals committees.


Grant Development

Development of proposals for external program support at local, state, and national levels, including both private and governmental grants.


Cultural Competence

Didactic presentation of basic concepts related to cultural diversity integrated with experiential learning exercises.


Home Workshops and Seminars